About The Snippet

Hi there! My name is Abhi Chakravarty and welcome to The Snippet! 99% of the time, the newsletter will be about one of these 4 topics.

  1. Ideas in Product Management - my experiments, successes and failures

  2. How to build things and automate work with code and no-code tools.

  3. Simplifying big and complex ideas that are changing our world

  4. My experiences building and scaling products, running product teams and working across geographies.

About Me

Product Manager: With over a decade of Hardware, Software Product Management experience, I have launched and scaled multiple Internet enabled products as well as SaaS businesses. Most recently, I created Taskwillow, an AI-powered productivity app.

Self Taught Coder: I am a self-taught coder and learning to code has enabled me to do things that I’d otherwise not be able to do. Being self-taught also means I have gone through the experience of how not to learn to code. So through this newsletter, my goal is to teach people how to code, but more importantly how to build things with code. Because the fastest way to learn to code is actually by building something.

Tech Observer: Through this newsletter, I also share my views on technologies such as Deep Learning, Artificial intelligence, and Blockchain, autonomous Driving and share little prototypes and commentary on how these technologies actually work under the hood.

So If you are interested - sign up now and let’s get started!